Website and Email Hosting – What You Need to Know

Web hosting is the most vital foundation of any business that wants to succeed online. If you currently have a website, or are thinking about it – a good web hosting provider can make or break your business. 

Cheap, slow hosting will do more harm than good to your brand, and no matter how slick your website is, if its slow it will cause visitors to become frustrated and leave. So how do you know if your hosting package is doing your website justice? 

It all starts with a domain name. Your domain name is your address on the web which, once registered, is gone for good. Registering the right domain name is very important and can also be extremely valuable. For example, the domain name sold for almost $50 million! It should be the first thing you secure after your company documents are finalized. Domain names are initially registered and then renewed annually. 

Okay, so you have secured your dream domain name, what’s next? Hosting! 

A domain name without hosting is merely just a reserved name on the internet. Hosting is what gives your domain name email account functionality and a platform on which to build your website. People are more likely to trust businesses that use their unique domain names for their email addresses – so it’s definitely time to ditch those “business” GMail accounts!

In a very basic sense, when you pay for hosting you are renting space on a computer (server) that is always linked to the internet. Using a host as close to your visitors geographical location as possible – this reduces website loading time and increases your organic search engine ranking. 

The more storage space and traffic allowance (based on the amount of visitors you expect to land on your website each month) you require, the higher your hosting monthly cost will be. Email and web files are generally combined in a hosting package and emails generally contribute towards that storage more than your website files. A great 5 page business website with high quality images only uses around 200MB at a maximum, so go easy on those big email attachments to save on having to upgrade your hosting plan at a later date – rather share large files via a website like WeTransfer or Dropbox. 

At Wordsmiths Marketing we have partnered with experts to bring you premium hosting packages at a reduced rate. If you sign up to one of our hosting packages before 31 December 2018 and you don’t already have a website, we’ll throw in a “coming soon” landing page for you at no additional cost.

What do you get? 

  • domain name registration
  • 1 Year hosting which includes:
    • 5GB disk space on the latest SSD Drives. 
    • 5GB Bandwidth  / month
    • Business email accounts with spam filter 
    • Website-Ready (we won’t get technical here) 
    • Local Servers for faster access within South Africa
    • Free SSL (website security) for when you build a website. 

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