Video Storytelling with a Strategy

Don’t take a shot in the dark. Every business, whether you’re a start-up or not needs an effective and measurable video marketing strategy. 

Video has quickly become the easiest and most preferred way to connect with consumers and thankfully doesn’t always have to break the bank to be of an exceptional standard. 

Lights, camera, budget? First thing to note is the amount of money you are willing to spend on a video campaign as this will influence the magnitude of the project. You’d want to invest your time and money with an agency that’s affordable and doesn’t compromise on quality. 

Next order of business would be to craft an extraordinary concept that will centre around a marketing message that you want people to be aware of. They say bigger, the better? While that might be true in most cases – we’d say, less is more and as long as your story concept is captivating, the call to action in your video would speak for itself. Optimize your video for measurable conversions which will depend on whether your objective is leads, sales or just starting a conversation. Also, remember that your marketing message needs to be clear, educational and have your exact target market in mind. 

Now that you’ve established exactly who your target market is, where do they spend most of their time? Selecting platforms on which your videos will be marketed could either make or break your campaign. Audience retention is key, you want to captivate your target market all the way to the very end of the video. Five-minute videos are highly recommended for YouTube whereas five-minute videos on Facebook are too long. Based on this in-depth target market research, you should tell which format and duration is ideal for your video campaign. 

It’s time to measure how well your video campaign worked for you. Key indicators will include the view count, engagement rate, play rate and feedback but also track the number of conversions that were a result of your bold call to action. Interestingly enough, view counts work differently on social media platforms. Take YouTube for instance, it’s only considered a view when someone watches your video for more than thirty seconds whereas a mere three seconds equates to one view on Facebook. 

Once you’re cognizant of the demographics of viewers, use this insights tool as a basis for video retargeting. This is obviously people who have a keen interest in your campaign and are most likely the ones that will result in conversions. Dream, create and record!

Interested in bringing your brand to life through video production? Let’s make magic! Contact Wordsmiths Marketing on 032 946 0276 or email: we’ll take care of the rest. 

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