The Power of Promotional Products

Have you ever wondered what return your business is getting from handing out your branded promotional products to clients? According to Brandwatch, there’s evidence that distributing these promotional gifts increases brand recognition as well as sales. In some instances, certain items resulted in a better return on investment than radio advertising. These statistics are true for items such as branded USB sticks, pens and diaries.

One of the main reasons consumers keep corporate branded items is because they are of use. Brandwatch believes that if you gift a quality product, the receiver is likely to keep it for longer than a year, with mugs being the longest kept items of up to four years! I happened to mention these statistics to a colleague of mine in the Wordsmiths Marketing offices. She went on to tell me that she knew someone who has kept a promotional Nescafe’ cup for over 6 years. Here’s what it looks like now:

This promotional Nescafe’ mug has definitely served its purpose.

Her son happens to have an attachment to the same promotional Nescafe’ cup. His is just in better condition:

A branded mug which has stood the test of time.

Nescafe’ has clearly done something right.

This example is a clear indication that the best performing promotional products not only are useful, but also link well to the brand. With Nescafe’ being a hot beverage brand, a coffee mug was a no-brainer.

Other than brand recognition and an impressive return on investment, a strategy built around promotional items also makes the consumer feel positively toward a company. Incorporating your branded items into campaigns like “get this free gift when you make a purchase” has proven to get consumers to switch brands in return for the reward. So next time you’re wondering how else you can attract and retain customers, consider incorporating branded promotional products into your marketing strategy.

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