The Insta-Future

Ever heard the term “do it for the gram”? You’re not alone! Like you, so many people have now taken to Instagram to live their best life.
Whether it’s posting a selfie or stalking your favourite celebrity, Instagram has become wildly popular for fashion, food, photography, keeping up with friends and family and getting your brand featured on a very influential platform. Want to look up a restaurant or makeup hack? So does 60% of users whom vouch for hearing about a product or service on Instagram.

Instagram is such an exciting and extremely powerful way to connect with your target market and get everybody buzzing about what you’re offering! But before you even think about global Insta-domination, there are a few bases to cover which will get you there in no time.
Your profile information is the first thing someone will see, so make sure it speaks to your brand and has all the necessary details for a call to action, such as visiting your website or directions to your physical store. Showcase what you do in a creative and innovative way. Promoting the solution your brand provides instead of the products you sell communicates the true value to a customer and having visually appealing content whilst doing so is a major advantage.

From GIF’s, boomerangs, time lapses, stories or just really great photography – the engaging content ideas for people to interact with your brand is pretty amazing. Get your brand trending by leveraging hashtags and have it form part of your brand identity by using one uniform hashtag of your business name on all your posts. This makes it easier for people to find content that is related to your brand and even expands your reach.
If you’re feeling a little generous then giveaways and competitions are a fantastic idea! It creates a major spike in your following and engagement and with a new trend on the block (loop giveaways) there’s so much potential to be harnessed as this connects you and other businesses in your industry with access to a greater online community – now that’s a win-win situation.

On the right track?
Sometimes it’s not about the size of your audience, but the degree of their involvement with your brand’s content that matters most. Key parameters that will indicate whether you’re on the right track are: How quickly you’re gaining new followers instead of the number of followers you have; the number of likes and quality comments your profile receives and the willingness of people reposting your content and sharing it with their friends.

All seriousness aside, it’s an innovative and highly interactive platform which allows you to be playful – so don’t focus too much on the numbers all the time and have a little fun. Get to know your audience with polls, theme up your feed with a trendy aesthetic, go all out with emoji’s and have your personality shine through those light-hearted captions.

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a brand online that’s unconventional yet brilliant at their social media marketing. Instagram may not be for everybody but with just over 3.6 million South African accounts at your disposal, it’s hard to ignore.

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