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Why Social Media Management


Social Media Management: In today’s world, it is crucial for all businesses to be active on social media. You can now have conversations with your customers, know exactly what they want, and cater for their ever-changing needs. Our clients benefit from seeing campaign ROI through our extensive monthly reports, as well as how they fare against competitors. 

What We Offer

Social media can deliver huge wins for businesses if done right. The WordSmiths team are experienced in planning social media strategy with the aim to deliver higher engagement, a larger following, and most importantly reaching the right people for your business with the right message.

  • Tailored strategy to determine the correct mix of platforms to suit your industry, target market and goals.
  • Consultancy on best practise to ensure you are using the right content style, medium, and post frequency, to create a high level of engagement on your social platforms.
  • Planning and scheduling of social media activity to ensure you stay active and relevant in the minds of your target customers
  • Platform account setup and support of your chosen social media platforms
  • Advertising and spend management to optimise your advertising spend across all platforms to match your goals
  • Reporting and ongoing consultancy to ensure long term success and ensure that your social media strategy stays fresh and effective

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Social Media Management

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