Social Media Content Matters

With ever changing social media algorithms decreasing the chances of your content being seen – how are you as a business planning ahead? 

In case you aren’t familiar with the recent updates by Facebook and Instagram, let’s get you caught up. As of May 2019, Facebook who also owns Instagram updated the way in which your favourite social media apps process posts and decides which you see first or at all. Facebook and Instagram will now be prioritizing and ranking content on your newsfeed based on a metric of relevance or trust. 

Content from friends, followers, pages or groups will now be classified and ranked by the number of meaningful interactions it receives and how likely you are to be interested in the post based on your previous engagements. This new algorithm has made it very challenging for businesses using Facebook and Instagram as a means of marketing and advertising to reach an audience and get the desired results.  

Not all hope is lost, there is an opportunity for advertisers to understand the algorithm and optimize its content. Now with an even smaller chance of someone engaging with your post, it’s that more important to seize the moment at every chance you get. 

Consider curating content that starts conversations, prompts the reader to pause and positively interact with your post either by tagging a friend, liking, commenting or sharing. Always keep your target audience in mind when strategizing the direction and format of your content, depending on the nature of your brand, would a tutorial or lifestyle imagery suit your ad better? Observing organic performance of content after a reasonable period of time should give you an indication of whether it needs to be promoted. The paid promotion will piggyback of the organic success of the post and reach even more people that way. Analyse and measure what worked well and what could do with some improvement, this will only help on your quest to optimizing content like a pro. 

Content marketing should be viewed as a tool to craft an ongoing relationship with a customer beyond making the initial purchase. Content marketing magnifies the way a customer interacts with your business, beyond sales, requiring technical or customer support. The marketing of good content on a regular basis extends the longevity and quality of this relationship. Just remember that your content should follow the criteria of being valuable, informative and entertaining so you never have to worry about battling it out with the frightening algorithm again.  

Content is king, there’s simply no two ways about it. The opportunity lies in how you use this effective marketing tool to reach your target audience against all odds. 

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