Print with strategy, be found online and use effective street pole advertising. Our solutions are tailored to your company’s objectives.


Media Buying & Planning

Creating a media plan allows you to determine the best media bundle for your company to achieve your unique marketing objectives. Not all companies are suited to all media types, which is something Wordsmiths deeply understands. We will analyse the market your company does business in, work with you to establish what your company’s media objectives are, formulate a comprehensive media strategy, implement the strategy and then report back on the effectiveness of the campaign.

Online Advertisements

Online banner advertisements are tailor-made to your business needs and can either appear on the Google search results page, or in the borders of a website the company will benefit from affiliating with. Wordsmiths crafts these online adverts in a way that the direct traffic to the company’s website and are able to fulfil specific company objectives.

SMS Marketing

The use of SMS Marketing is on the rise due to its effectiveness of reaching your customers and potential customers on their mobile devices. It is however important to fully understand the advertising platform, because if a campaign has a poor strategy it could tarnish the brand. Wordsmiths can offer the media buying and message crafting to ensure your company gets the most out of its SMS Marketing Campaign.

Street Pole Advertising

Street pole advertising is a cost effective way of gaining high brand visibility. According to Adreach, street pole ads have the highest recall reach of any outdoor advertising. Wordsmiths will work with your company to create an eye-catching street pole advert campaign that would be rolled out into high traffic areas.

Print Advertisements

Being veterans in the field, we are able to offer you expert advice and design of print advertisements for your company. Wordsmiths’ affiliation with The North Coast Courier and Get It magazine provide you with two popular print platforms that have a wide reach to advertise in.

Print Collateral

At Wordsmiths, we ensure that we know your business well before creating print collateral that suits your company’s market. This could be in the form of internal communications or client communications. Internal communications could be training guides or a customer profile brochure for the sales team. Client communications could be in the form of brochures, direct mailers, print advertisements, branded stationery and so forth.


We can even go the extra mile and deliver your direct mailers for you, once they have been created.