Does your website echo your brand’s identity? Do you have a logo design that speaks to your audience?

Graphic design involves more than just producing a ‘pretty picture.’ The Wordsmiths graphics design team provide creative solutions to individualize your company. Some of the services we offer are web design, print and publishing design, brand identity design and logo development. The Wordsmiths creative team will work closely with you to produce the best suited visuals to your brand’s needs.

Graphic Design

Website Design

Wordsmiths web design results in the creation of websites that load quickly, are responsive and are search engine optimized. The design is customized to your company’s unique needs and with your customer’s user experience in mind.

You can either choose to compose your own website content or commission Wordsmiths to do it for you. We will also assist in your choice of URL and provide you with affordable hosting options.

Brand Identity

A well-designed brand identity creates uniformity in communications and increases the chances of a customer recalling the company. A good brand identity design is therefore crucial for any business.

Our design team will work with you to make sure that your brand’s design suits your business and product offering.

Print/Online Advert Design

Online and print advertisements need to be eye-catching yet work to each platform’s restrictions. Our designers understand these restrictions and what it takes to make a standout advert for either online or print.


Online adverts can be designed to be dynamic and interactive. Print advertisement design can also be customized and advised on to suit the advert’s size.

Logo Design

A logo is generally the first thing a customer remembers when recalling a company and therefore needs to be memorable. Wordsmiths will work closely with you to craft a logo that suits your brand and speaks to your customers.

Print Design

Our designers have mastered the art of print design, producing a professionally put together newspaper and magazine weekly. Their knowledge and skills make it easier for Wordsmiths to meet your exact print design requirements.