Your company’s content (or copy) should be written with the platform it will appear on in mind, and in a uniform tone of voice. The content should increase brand awareness for your business and aim to persuade your potential customers to take action.


Website Copy

People don’t read online copy like they do print. Our copy writers know how important creating concise and captivating website copy is to keeping potential customers on your website. Whether it is long or short copy, it is important to use an engaging layout. We work with you to create website copy that is optimized for search engines and sets your product offerings apart.

Company Blog

A blog is like your company’s online journal which communicates with your audience more personally than advertising does. It involves more than just publishing a post you quickly threw together and calling it a day. What makes a company blog work is consistency, effective content formulas and copy writing. Our Wordsmiths team assist you in creating a blog that can boost your company’s search ranking and strengthen customer relationships. It could also be used to inform the public on any socially responsible programs your company may be involved in.

Print Collateral Copy

Where web content is reader-driven, print is author-driven. Print copy needs to effectively speak to your desired audience, which could be potential customers or employees. The Wordsmiths copy writers will collaborate with you to compose clear, persuasive copy for your all your print collateral needs.

Content Management

Continuous content management is required to keep your website current and strengthen your website’s SEO. Wordsmiths can either be commissioned to regularly update your website or we can install a content management system. A content management system (CMS) would allow you to update the content as you feel without any coding. If you choose a CMS, it is crucial that someone be allocated the task of updating your website regularly. Commissioning Wordsmiths to do this for you would provide peace-of-mind that your website is always kept current and optimized.