Public Relations & Events

Public Relations

PR & Crisis Management

Incorporating public relations into your marketing strategy helps to streamline company communications with the public and media. As a form of earned media, it builds trust amongst your company’s audience because it is not ‘bought’ messaging.

Wordsmiths will collaborate with you to ensure that positive communications are maintained whilst forming relationships with key media houses. This includes press releases, conducting market research, forming crisis strategies, dealing with negative online publicity and effective blogging.

Events & Activations

Event planning, management and coordination can be rigorous and time consuming, which is why most companies choose to outsource. Wordsmiths is able to take charge of managing your event whilst providing constant feedback throughout. This is to ensure that the event your company has imagined is brought to life. Our services include but are not limited to mall activations, outdoor events, gala evenings and golf days. The event or activation can also receive live online coverage from our Social Media team as an added extra.

Sponsored Content

One of the keys to successfully engaging with your audience is imparting real value for “free”. A business can become a trusted advisor by sharing valuable information about your industry with potential clients through articles written in a non-commercial tone. At Wordsmiths, we craft content that will help your business speak to clients at different stages of the buying process. It could be for people actively seeking what you offer, or someone not yet aware of your offering’s benefits.

Online Reputation Management

The internet has brought with it a new platform of two-way communication between your business and your audience. A bad review on Facebook that is not dealt with can ruin the reputation of a company. Managing these communications are vital in protecting a good brand reputation. The Wordsmiths team will monitor any compliments or complaints on Social Media and other platforms such as TripAdvisor. This is to ensure that no complaints are left undealt with, reducing the risk of your brand name being tarnished.