“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

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Marketing Strategy

Company Portfolio

A company portfolio is a key component of a company’s marketing strategy. Wordsmiths will bring it to life using a visually appealing representation of your key company information and product offerings. Using graphics to communicate key offerings will help consumers understand how your company differs from your competition. We can either work with you to refresh your current company portfolio, or build one from the ground up.

Corporate Identity Document

A company corporate identity is essential in creating flow and direction across all marketing channels and consumer touchpoints. It aligns your client communications and marketing strategy, ensuring one clear message is delivered in one tone of voice. This includes a logo design (or redesign), letterheads, business cards and brand rules.

A good corporate identity document creates consistency in branding, which often results in increased customer loyalty. Good corporate marketing is therefore as important as a good company website. Wordsmiths works with you to define your company mission statement, vision and business objectives before crafting your corporate identity document.

Marketing Analysis/Audit

A marketing analysis is recommended for all new clients and involves an assessment of all your current marketing material. This is to determine its uniformity, effectiveness and alignment with your company’s marketing strategy objectives. It includes looking at your current online marketing, print collateral, and any other forms of advertising your company may have. Once completed, a detailed report is generated and recommendations made.

Marketing Strategy Development/Revamp

The marketing strategy combines all of a company’s marketing goals into one comprehensive plan. This is done through creating a focused marketing mix, backed by sound market research. Wordsmiths will ensure that your company’s marketing strategy is aligned to your core business strategy and objectives. This includes a thorough marketing audit of your company and collaborative strategy sessions.