How to Generate Leads from your Facebook Business Page

1) Make your Facebook Posts link directly to a lead-generating landing page.
This could be a form that needs to be filled out, or a compelling blog post which may drive an action from your audience. Send people directly to these landing pages by posting the link and ensuring that Facebook pulls a captivating feature image from your website. In order to ensure the image you want pulls through, make sure that it is the first/main image on that landing page. Make it clear in your post copy as to where you will be sending your reader, so they do not feel like they have fallen victim to “click bait.” The topic and title should be intriguing to draw your audience in. If you are going to use a blog post, I suggest including your call to action as a link within your first paragraph of your post. Including it sooner than later in your post has been proven by Hubspot to drive more leads.

2) Use video on Facebook to generate leads.
The organic reach on Facebook has dropped by 52% since 2017, and based on trends is likely to continue to drop. However, video seems to be the answer to your Facebook woes as the Facebook algorithm favours video content. It has proven to have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts. It is ideal to verbally include your call to action in your video, as well as in the text of your Facebook post.

3) Pin posts to the top of your Page that will drive leads.
By doing this it allows you to highlight the post, as it appears at the top of your Facebook Page regardless of how old the post is. You can identify a pinned post by a little pin in the top right corner of the post. You can pin a post to the top of your Facebook Page by clicking the three dots on the top right-hand corner of your post and selecting “Pin to Top of Page.”

4) Add a call-to-action button to your Facebook Page.
This button is simple but powerful, and it can help drive more traffic to your website from your Facebook Page. You can choose from a variety of options such as “Book Serves,” “Contact Us” and “Download App.” Some marketers choose to keep the call to action the same whilst others change it up every few months or so. This will depend on your marketing strategy and whether you have many lead generating avenues

5) Create hype through extreme specials or a competition.
People respond well to hype, especially if it involves winning something. This creates interest for your audience and encourages them to engage with your business, thus growing your reach and therefore your leads.

6) Create lead-generating adverts on Facebook.
Facebook has now included a form which you can add to your paid Facebook post, allowing your audience to fill out a form on Facebook instead of having them click through to your website. This makes it more convenient for your audience and therefore will enhance the engagement on your paid post.

It is particularly useful for mobile users who do not wish to click through to another site. What makes the form even more useful is that Facebook auto-fills the forms for users (such as name and email address) thus requiring them to only press “submit” should those be the only questions you ask. You can even customize the questions based on the information you require through your lead generation.

If this seems too complicated, you can either choose to go with Tip 1 or contact us on for a step-by-step guide on how to use Facebook Lead Generating adverts.

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