Have you humanized your brand?

Welcome to the age of humanizing your brand, say goodbye to traditional and rigid marketing efforts and embrace connecting with people instead. First off, you may be wondering – what’s the need to change the way you are currently doing things? 

Humanizing your brand is quite possibly the most important aspect of any and every business. Take a minute to think of your brand from a customer’s point of view and answer this question honestly. Do I trust this brand and connect with their vision and efforts? Well, if you aren’t able to answer, how will a complete stranger?

There are a few tips to implement in your social media marketing strategy that are a sure-fire way to win over even the toughest of critics. Start off by letting your brand’s personality shine through captions and engage in conversations. Avoid formal industry jargon and adopt a conversational approach, it’s all about connecting with a user on a human level and coming across as relatable. Responding to comments and continuing the conversation makes users feel like they matter and this in turn can create a loyal relationship. 

Use humour in a context that is appropriate to the nature of your brand. It shows people that you don’t take things too seriously to have a good laugh. Tongue in cheek references work really well for audiences and creates an atmosphere for interaction. Nando’s is a prime example of having a distinct personality and tone that’s well portrayed in their marketing campaigns and gets everybody talking.

Why stop there? Reposting user generated content not only gives customers a glimpse to others real life experiences with your product or service, it’s exciting to the user who gets his or her photo featured on your social media feed. Second, it shows other consumers that you have great relationships with their peers and that those people already enjoy your products. 

You’ve got to solidify all credibility with social proof, promoting reviews and testimonials from happy customers is gold, you want to show potential new customers that they’re missing out, plus its great publicity. It’s all well and good to have an amazing offering but let’s not forget the people that make this possible. Showcase your employees and the role they play in your business, these are the first points of interaction with customers, they are the representatives of your brand and often are the first reason why a customer connects with your product or service. 

By adopting these strategies into your social media marketing plan, you can expect your brand to catapult and earn a memorable spot in the customer’s mind. You’ll find people gravitating toward your brand and are loyal because they connect with it in every sense. Sometimes, it’s all about removing the layers and giving people an inside look to the very core of your brand, its success and even failures – it’s worth it, you’ll see.

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