Google AdWords: The most searched Ballito-related terms

It is no doubt that over the years the Dolphin Coast has received increased attention – from people looking to move, to people looking to vacation here.

It therefore comes as no surprise that the term “Ballito” comes up in more than 18,000 Google searches monthly, with the top search terms being “Ballito accommodation” with 8,100 monthly Google searches and “Ballito restaurants” with 2,900 respectively.

What is surprising is the lack of competition on Google from local businesses in an attempt to take advantage of these search terms. When searching “Ballito accommodation” only one Google advert features and absolutely no adverts come up for “Ballito restaurants.” These are opportunities that local businesses are missing out on daily.

So now what? How does your business take advantage of all these Ballito-related searches?

Firstly, make sure that the content on your website is search engine optimised. In the case of wanting to feature in the Google search results for “Ballito accommodation,” make sure your content contains the term “Ballito accommodation” and synonyms of this term feature frequently in your website copy. Featuring on other websites with a link to your ideal search term will also increase your Google search result ranking. For “Ballito restaurants,” having an active TripAdvisor presence is strongly advised.

Another way to take advantage of search terms is to make use of Google AdWords.

Google AdWords is what is used to bid for the top spot on Google’s search results based on your ideal search term. You control how it appears and what page of your website it directs people to. If your bid is the highest, it will appear at number one with a little “Ad” icon next to it.

Right now, the competition for the biggest Ballito-related search terms is minimal, so I encourage you to do your research and get a strategy in place as soon as possible.

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