Collaborate with us to create a strong online presence for your company through our digital marketing offerings.

Digital Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective form of direct digital marketing which can encourage repeat purchases from your existing customer base. At Wordsmiths we work with you to create specific campaign goals, generate the emails and then run the campaign. We will also provide feedback on the performance of the email campaign once it has reached completion.

Search Engine Optimisation

Optimizing your company’s online marketing for search engines is what gets your company highly ranked for relevant search results. The organic top position of Google search results cannot be bought, however paid advertisements can appear above it. Wordsmiths is skilled in strengthening your organic ranking as well as paid search and display network advertising. We also offer continuous website analytics access and monthly SEO reporting.

Web Design & Development

Wordsmiths ensures that when creating a website, the development and design elements are woven seamlessly together. This results in a website that loads quickly, is responsive and is search engine optimized.

You can either choose to compose your own website content or commission Wordsmiths to do it for you. We will also assist in your choice of URL and provide you with affordable hosting options.

Social Media Management

In today’s world, it is crucial for all businesses to be active on social media. You can now have conversations with your customers, know exactly what they want, and cater for their ever-changing needs.

FACEBOOK: On average, your company’s Facebook page has a 2% organic reach of your total audience. Wordsmiths carry the know-how to break through these social media restrictions. This will allow you to reach an audience beyond those who have already liked your Facebook page.

INSTAGRAM: Instagram is a platform for beautiful imagery and witty captions. With continuous major updates to the platform, it is difficult to remain relevant. Wordsmiths strive to remain ahead of the game with Instagram. We can help you further your reach with strategic hashtags, paid posts, witty Instagram stories and timely responses.

TWITTER: With a Tweet being lost in the “social noise” every 7 minutes, Wordsmiths work at keeping relevant Tweets running throughout the day. This is so that our clients remain at the top of their followers’ feeds. Paid Tweets will help reach an audience beyond just your followers.

Detailed monthly reports show our clients results from their social media campaigns and how they fare against competitors.

Online Advertising

~ Online banner advertisements

Online banner advertisements are tailor-made to your business needs. They can either appear on a search results page, or in the borders of relevant websites. Wordsmiths crafts these online adverts in a way that directs traffic to your company’s website to perform a desired action.

~ Google AdWords

The best way to get your advert a high Google search ranking or onto a website is via Adwords. At Wordsmiths we work closely with you to pinpoint the best keywords when tailoring a Google AdWords strategy for you.

~ 3rdParty Advertising

We also offer 3rd party online advertising directly on The North Coast Courier website. With over 100,000 unique visitors monthly, it is a strategic investment. Advertising on The North Coast Courier Online will result in an impressive reach for your online advertisement.

Company Blog

A blog is like your company’s online journal which communicates with your audience more personally than advertising does. It involves more than just publishing a post you quickly threw together and calling it a day. What makes a company blog work is consistency, effective content formulas and copy writing. Our Wordsmiths team assist you in creating a blog that can boost your company’s search ranking and strengthen customer relationships. It could also be used to inform the public on any socially responsible programs your company may be involved in.