Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2019

The world is changing a mile a minute, it can be a little be a little daunting to differentiate your brand and stay ahead of the game. 

What marketing trends will be most important to you and your business in the year ahead? Let’s delve into where we are headed and what you need to take advantage of. 

1. Chatbots

You may be wondering what a chatbot is but you’ll be surprised to know that you may have already interacted with a few already. This artificial intelligence-based technology uses instant messaging to chat in real-time, day or night, with your customers or site visitors. It’s an exciting area in the conversational interface as it facilitates engaging conversations with customers, helps overcome the admin of simple frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) and is a pivotal tool in lead generation. Chatbots can set up appointments, call a cab, check in flights, assist with purchases and even send money on your behalf. These virtual assistants offer stellar customer service and allows you to efficiently use your time on other matters of business. Interesting fact – customers prefer interacting with chatbots as they are responsive, give answers promptly, accurately recall your entire buying history, and never lose patience. 

2. Voice Search and Smart Speakers

Does Siri, Google assistant or Alexa ring a bell? The increasing use of voice search now has made it very important to think about in 2019. Voice searches provide all the necessary information you need through audio content and it makes complete sense because it allows you to multi-task like never before. Whether you are unable to type while cooking or remember that last minute item you need to order while driving, say it out loud and instead of typing and you’re one step closer. Many brands have incorporated voice search in their digital marketing strategies to deliver value-based content effectively to their customers. Smart speakers like Alexa are set to include ads in their video content which will allow you to purchase voice ads from Google AdWords. Keep in mind for all voice technology to write in a conversational tone, focus on getting featured snippets on Google, and think about keywords that people will speak rather than type.

3. Visual Search

Google and Pinterest have outdone themselves with this one! Both platforms introduced “Lens” which is a visual tool that allows you to take photo, find out where to buy it online, search for similar products and even with Pinterest whereas Google allows you the opportunity to take a snap of a business card and save the phone number or address, book you can get reviews, building you can get details about. Isn’t that an amazing way to get on the competitive bandwagon to draw customers in and serve the them with your product or service. 

The key goal is to never lose sight of acquiring and maintaining your audience’s attention and knowing exactly what to leverage to get you to that point. The year ahead proves to be so digitally innovative, that we can’t miss a single beat. Don’t think, slow and steady but rather swift and innovative wins the race!

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