Digital Marketing Services

a full-service digital agency

Digital Marketing Services. We provide a full range of Online Marketing Services In Durban and Ballito. The world is going digital and so should your company. Contact us and let us help you gain the digital footprint you deserve. 

Corporate Branding

express your brand

We specializes in the sourcing and supply of corporate branding solutions. Our corporate branding ranges from:
To use when your company is hosting or sponsoring an event.

We are committed to providing excellent service to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the end result.

Digital Marketing Training

private training courses

Wanting to sharpen your skills with the ever-changing trends in the world of Digital Marketing?

Get private training courses for any digital marketing service. These are ideal for one-on-one sessions.

We tailor-make digital training packages suited to your business.

Digital marketing services

Email Marketing:

Above all email marketing is an effective form of direct digital marketing. Email Marketing can encourage repeat purchases from your existing customers.

 With this in mind, at Wordsmiths, we work with you to create a compelling and attractive email marketing campaign with a clear goal in mind that will reach the masses. 

At the same time we will also provide feedback that will give your brand insight into what’s working and what’s not.

Google Adwords

We work closely with you to pinpoint the best keywords for your PPC campaign and digital marketing strategy.

With this in mind we are able to reach audiences. And get them interested in the products and services you offer.

We also offer Google adwords course in and around Durban.

Digital marketing services
Digital marketing services

Graphic Design Durban

Visually appealing & effective

Graphic design involves more than just producing a ‘pretty picture.’ We design creative solutions to personalize your company’s brand.

Digital marketing services we offer are:
-Web design
-Print and publishing design
-Brand identity design
-Logo development. 

We work closely with you to produce the best suited visuals to your brand’s needs.

Photography Durban

focusing on your moments

The power of visual communications can make all the difference. Professional photography is more relevant and crucial than ever.

Our photographer has the vision to capture the essence of your business. And its offerings in the best light to get your brand noticed.

Digital marketing services

Search Engine Optimization Marketing Services:

Optimizing your company’s website for search engines is what gets your company highly ranked.

The organic top position of Google search results cannot be bought. However, paid adverts can appear above it. 

Wordsmiths is skilled in strengthening your organic ranking. As well as paid search and display network advertising.

Let us help you increase the visibility of your website. And ensure you always stay on ‘top’ of the competition.

Social Media Marketing & Management:

It is crucial for all businesses to be active on social media. You can now have speak with your customers and know exactly what they want.

With the above in mind. Our clients benefit from seeing and increase in campaign ROI. This is done through our extensive monthly reports and marketing strategy!

Digital marketing services
Digital marketing services

Web Design and Development Durban

unique design & personalised to your brand

Your website is an extension of your brand. But more importantly the worlds window to your business.

The development and design elements are put seamlessly together. 

This results in a website that:
-Loads quickly
-Is responsive
-Is search engine optimized
As a result leads to increase in website traffic.

You can choose to create your own website content or get Wordsmiths to do it for you. 


Video Production Durban

directed, filmed & edited

Video has proven to be very effective. And is perhaps the biggest trend and tool for content marketing. 

We are able to map out a corporate, scripted or presenter-style video campaign. Based on the nature of your campaign we will, film, edit and bring your vision to life!


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